Gill Grunt's Mermaid Girlfriend is the love interest of the Water Skylander, Gill Grunt, in the Skylanders series. Her real name is currently unknown. She first met Gill Grunt when the Gillman was part of the Gillmen Marines, but when he returned to see her, his mermaid love was kidnapped by Pirates. Gill Grunt still searches for her to this day.


Gill Grunt

The mermaid and her true love, Gill Grunt, spent a brief but happy period skimming stones, singing songs, and gazing into each other's eyes. But alas, their romance came to a sudden end when the beautiful mermaid was kidnapped by pirates. Although guarded by her angry captors somewhere in the realm of Skylands, Gill Grunt vowed to track down his scaly siren and searches the seas for her to this day.[1]



  • She has the voice of a bubble shark choking on seaweed.[1]
  • Although Gill Grunt's biography states that he still searches for his mermaid girlfriend after joining the Skylanders, Toys for Bob's Chief of Staff, Alex Ness, mentioned that the Gillman rescued her before he became a Skylander.[2]


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