George is a small snow leopard that lives in Crystal Glacier, and is a companion to Shaman Tok. During Ripto's attack on Avalar, they became separated; Tok was worried George got eaten by the Draclets that recently invaded their realm, and asked Spyro if he could find him.

Spyro finds George only a few yards around the corner trying to swipe at fish jumping out of holes in the ice. He is shy and won't go near Spyro. To gain his trust, Spyro helps him catch the fish by flaming them. After George has caught and eaten three fish, he befriends Spyro, and will loyally follow him anywhere in the area, which helps the purple dragon lead George back to where Tok is waiting. Tok gives Spyro an orb as thanks for his help.



  • After he befriends Spyro, he purrs and makes kitten-like meows, despite him being a snow leopard, who biologically cannot purr.
  • Wherever he walks, he leaves a trail of paw prints.