"She's into close relationships, shake to escape!"
—Game description in Spyro's Adventure

Gargantulas are large, black spiders that cause major damage to your Skylanders if they catch them and reel them in with their web. In the Crawling Catacombs, if they are defeated, Spider Swarmers will appear in the Gargantulas' place.


  • While other spiders in the game have only four legs, Gargantulas have six.
  • Cali takes a certain disliking to Gargantulas in Prism Break's Heroic Challenge.
  • Hugo once found a Gargantula in his bath. He didn't dare wash for a year afterwards.[1]
  • In Spyro's Adventure, if you are too close to the Gargantula and get caught, you cannot break free shortly before the Gargantula strikes. However, in Giants, you can break free while the Gargantula is about to strike.


  1. Skylanders Annual 2013, page 29

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