"Hey... Are you a pie salesman? Oh please tell me you are!"

Gallant is one of the ghostly residents of Darklight Crypt in the console versions of Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure. He is notable for helping the Skylanders in their battle against Occulous.


Gallant, along with the other residents of the Undead, were forced to do terrible things to the Living when Occulous arrived and outlawed pies from the village. When Gallant first saw the Skylander, he thought they were a pie salesman, but then noticed that they weren't before explaining about Occulous' true nature and rule over the Darklight Crypt. Gallant later assisted the Skylanders in their fight against Occulous, and once the eyeball monster has been defeated, Gallant eagerly went to the entrance of the Crypt with the Skylander to celebrate the return of pies, along with the other Undead residents.

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