These three puzzles were set up by the Idol Monsters to prevent the natives of Idol Springs from getting on with their work. Foreman Bud has taken charge of trying to solves the puzzles.

The Yellow Blocks

You can spend hours trying to figure this out, if you like. The point is that for whichever block you jump on, that one and the two on either side will change color. Talk to Foreman Bud to reset the puzzle if you get stuck. The easy way is to jump on the four corners and no other squares.

The Hungry Idol

Foreman Bud leads you to the small lake outside for this one. The giant idol head wants to eat ten fish. Your job is to stand there and, when a fish jumps out of the water in front of you, to flame it into his mouth. But be careful, the red fish make him spit out three previously swallowed fish.

The Colored Stones

Here you'll find five stones easily pressed into the ground with your weight. Foreman Bud knows the first stone to be used—the Green Star. Your job is to find out in which order the rest of the stones need to be stepped on. This may take some time if you're a bit on the slow side, or just unlucky. The correct order is: Green Star, Orange Diamond, Orange Crescent, White Crescent, Blue Circle.