Foot Soldiers[1] can be found in the Peace Keepers Homeworld. These mischievous gnorcs are armed with spears and patrol their assigned areas. Spyro can defeat them with his flame breath or charge.

If a Foot Soldier sees Spyro, it will attack Spyro with its spear. Once Spyro attacks one member of a group of Foot Soldiers and Cannon Patrol, the remaining gnorcs will flee to their tents to hide. Spyro can easily burn down their tents with his flame breath. If Spyro approaches an Army Gnorc after burning down its tent, the Gnorc will cower in fear; however, once Spyro looks away, these gnorcs have been known to moon Spyro. 

Army Gnorcs are closely related to Cannon Patrol, and are distinguished by their red hats.


These Gnorcs will always attack in groups so it's best to either charge around and try to hit as many as possible or to flame as many as possible before they all run into their tents. Another great way to kill hordes of these gnorcs, is to hijack one of the cannons manned by the cannon patrol, and shoot the foot soldiers from a far.

If a Gnorc does run into a tent, all you have to do it burn down the tent which will reveal the defenseless Gnorcs inside.


  • One of these gnorcs is guarding the portal to Night Flight.


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