Flying Ships are used by the Skavengers in The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night as either for raids or for conquest.

Types of Ships

The ships of the Skavengers are sailing ships. But these ships can fly over the realms. This is probably their way of traveling without always making port, or try to sail around land masses. There is a massive fleet, consisting more than a hundred ships. The Skavengers use these ships to travel to different parts of the world to capture inhabitants for them to fight on the arena of the Fellmuth. If captured weaker races, they would be put them through slavery, like the Manweersmalls to serve the Skavengers grog. Even though the Pirates sail their ships in the sky, they mostly sail over the sea still.


The ships are not the only flying vessels, the jollyboats they have also can fly. The Skavengers use these rowboats to reach the shore of a land they've reached, or to transport reinforcements to different ships or parts of the Fellmuth when they are assaulted. The boats have oars, but they seem useless as the boats appear to not use them for movement.

Fleet Vessels

Most of the fleet consist of frigate-like ships. Each vessel is commanded by a Commander and possibly a Captain. The Pirates use these ships to travel to different realms and/or different sections of that designated realm to capture various inhabitants for them to fight on the arena of the Fellmuth, mostly those of great strength or power. If they captured weaker races/species, they transport them on slave ships, and put them through slavery. But when not being slaver ships, these vessels can be warships, and attack enemies that assault them, such as blast them with cannons on deck or from the gunports that line the hulls. The small ships have one mast, the medium ships have two masts, and the large ships have three masts.


The flagship and largest pirate vessel of the Fleet is the Fellmuth. It is Captain Skabb's ship, and the one ship where the arena is held at and it's the Flag-Ship. Once the pirates have succeeded in collecting enough prisoners, they transport them in their ships to the Fellmuth, where the weaker will become slaves, and the strongest and/or most powerful will be forced to fight for the pirates' entertainment. The Fellmuth has more prison cells than any of the other ships, and holds a crew of more than a million. It has two tall masts with two shorter ones in front of the other. The most notable feature of the ship is the gladitorial arena found in the very center of the gigantic galleon. During the siege of the Dark Master's army, the Fellmuth has gone up in flames. Its fate is unknown, but it might have presumbly been destroyed.


  • It is likely they were baised off the ships from the Final Fantasy series.