The Evening Lake is the third Homeworld of Spyro: Year of the Dragon and Spyro Reignited Trilogy remaster of the third game.


It features a vast lake, a majority of the portals underwater. It has a ruined Tudor-medieval style castle submerged in the lake. It introduces the Invincibility powerup, similar to the two homeworlds before it. Many towers are situated in and around the lake, often housing portals. There are many smashable walls in the world. There is also a large shipwreck here and interestingly enough, a whale swims around the lake indefinitely.

Bentley is being kept prisoner here. The portal to his home is the only portal that is not underwater, although it is still under the surface. Spyro can pay Moneybags to free him. Bianca also entraps Hunter in a cage underground here, but later frees him after learning on what the Sorceress plans to do with the baby dragons.


Evening Lake is a large core world made up entirely of a gigantic, clear lake and a giant castle sitting on top of it. It is rimmed by a few hills and has plenty of grass to sleep in, but these places are scarce, as the lake takes up almost all of the area. The castle sitting on top of the lake is rooted via pillars to the bottom of the lake bed, giving swimming adventurers a creepy place to explore. With its high towers and pointed peaks, the castle is the best place to stay if you are ever visiting the Forgotten Worlds and can't find an inn! Below, the lake stretched out and seems to engulf anything that gets near it. It has tons of hidden treasures under its surface, including hidden underwater caves, stone cliffs, a sunken pirate ship, and even a live whale! But don't worry, Ol' Blue the whale may capture you in his mouth, but he'll always spit you back out, unless you do the swim through air glitch all the way to the other whale that will never let you out.



  • Swim towards the large whale swimming around the lake and into its mouth. Inside you'll meet up with the egg. (Jonah)
  • Break through the wall right by the Fireworks Factory portal. (Stooby)
  • Continue along here by jumping round the corner and go up the ladder. Follow it round. Go through the doorway just past the area that encircles the rocket. (Ted)
  • Head up the ladder in the middle of the first area of the lake and collect the gems up here, then glide over to the platform nearby. (Hannah)
  • Fly through the flamethrowers using the Invincibility powerup. At the end is an egg. (Stuart)

Glitches and Errors

  • There is a glitch which allows you to swim in the air and see the cage Hunter is placed in during a cutscene, and the belly of the whale. If you enter the belly of the whale a second time, you will encounter a Game trap. This glitch requires the Dead Mode glitch in order to be done.


Evening Lake, as the name suggests, is a large lake set in perpetual dusk. "Evening" comes from the Spyro: Year of the Dragon Homeworld naming scheme.


  • In the PAL and non-Greatest Hits versions, the background music for Sunrise Spring appears in this level.
  • The Professor was originally going to appear in this level, but was cut in the final version; the audio files can still be found in game, wherein he talks about having lost his rocket plans.
  • All of the portals are underwater, with the exception of the Sparx level and Bentley's level.
  • The developers were going to have the Spaceship underwater, but they would have had to make a little tunnel for it to appear there, so they cancelled it.
  • The dragon you rescue in the whale is named Jonah. Jonah is a character in the Bible that was actually swallowed by a whale (or a giant fish, as the scripture says).