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"Hugo says the key is to keep cool, so I just need to stay away from all the stuff that burn me up - talk radio, internet comments, spicy food..."
—Eruptor, Anger Mismanagement

Eruptor (イラプター Iraputā in Japanese) is one of the main protagonists of the spin-off Skylanders series, Skylanders Academy. He is best friends with Spyro and Stealth Elf, two fellow Skylanders who he grew up with.



Eruptor is easily angered and impatient, getting in the way of his slow, but effective, thinking. He is also very absent-minded, not paying attention to locations of rooms in his own house or events happening around him until pointed out. After a month of sessions with Hugo in Anger Mismanagement, he has learned to control his frustrations rather than letting them control him.


Ever met a hothead? Well, Eruptor is a hot - everything. A combustible force of nature, our volcanic friend has the power of molten rock and blistering fire … as well as a tendency to blow his lid every now and again. Yes, you could say Eruptor has a bit of a temper — if by “bit” you mean he explodes into a fiery rage at even the smallest annoyance. (Don’t cut him off in traffic, unless you want your car reduced to a pool of melted steel.) Fortunately, Eruptor’s best friends, Spyro and Stealth Elf, help him to keep his cool by always having his back. And although Eruptor keeps up a "tough guy" exterior, deep down he’s really just a big ol’ puddle of magma. He wishes sometimes that he had hands that didn’t melt everything they touched ... like a pet kitty cat — he wants to one day call his own. Yeah. That’d be nice.



At a young age, Eruptor enrolled in Skylander Academy and became friends with Spyro and Stealth Elf.

During an unknown point of his life, Eruptor had a babysitter only known as "Nana" who avoided giving him affection or even just kind words, causing him constant issues with keeping his emotions in check.

Season 1

Eruptor first appears in Skylanders Unite!, playing sheep ball with Spyro and Stealth Elf before the former stopped to show off in front of cadets. Though the rock monster attempted to call him out on it, Spyro teased him instead, causing him to create a small eruption as a threat. Once the school bell rang, he and the elf left for class ignoring the boastful dragon, with Eruptor barely making it in time by crashing through the wall.



The dragon constantly teases Eruptor, finding his outbursts amusing. However, they genuinely support each other through their choices, and Spyro steps in to advise his friend whenever his temper is seriously out of control.

Stealth Elf

The two have a strong relationship, hanging out together frequently and supporting each other during training; though he dislikes her tendency to teleport in unnanounced and spook him into spitting lava. After the elf's supposed death, Eruptor was inconsolable, especially after noticing Jet-Vac's rush to replace her.


Though the rocky start on his anger management sessions have left Eruptor with a bad mood towards Hugo, after the sessions, he claims that he "doesn't make me burn down the Academy, if it means anything". Until his treatment was surely complete, Hugo took Eruptor out of stressful situations with patience, much to the lava monster's gratitude.


Eruptor (Skylanders Academy)/Gallery


  • Eruptor's worst class performance during the course was Vehicular Assault.
  • Oddly, Eruptor cries cooled magma rather than molten.
  • Though his feet also glow red-hot and can be lit up at will, they don't appear to burn through things like his hands.
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