Elemental Crystal Brutes are small golems that appear as enemies around the White Isle in The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night. They serve as part of the obstacles that stand in Spyro's way as he was tasked to complete all four elemental trials.

In each trial, the Crystal Golem are associated with each of the four elements: Fire, Ice, Earth, and Electricity. Their elements match their colors. The Brutes that are associated with the element of Earth are green, the red Golems are associated with the Fire element, the yellow golems are associated with the element of Electricity, and the blue Golems are associated with the element of Ice.


  • Like the Apes, and Skavengers, they have particular names due to Krome Studios having developed the first two Legend of Spyro games. Most of them share the same names such as "Gakua" and more.

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