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"The power of earth and nature is a mighty one, for as the earth moves, so does everything with it. Be mindful as you wield it."
—The Chronicler

Earth is a Dragon Breath from The Legend of Spyro trilogy. Terrador is the master of Earth, and one of the four Guardians. Spyro's Earth powers varies in each of The Legend of Spyro games. Many of the attacks are quite devastating, and can easily send enemies running in every direction. The few that are less devastating can at least scare your foes.


Dragons of the Earth Element embrace a strong connection to nature, covering their bodies with its power, persisting at all times, but is at its peak when the Dragon is firmly grounded. They specialize in ground fighting over aerial attack, calling forth the essence of stone and living nature. The power is expressed as an energy-based protection but literal stone and earth can be shaped and brought to beat in the service of a determined mind. Earth is a form founded on the precepts of strength over adversity, willful resolve and obstinate determination. The bedrock of the world teems with energy, alive with ancient magics and fields of mana; a trained Earth Dragon at the height of its abilities can draw strength from these, delving deep into vast reserves to express its power.

It wouldn't be unheard of for a Dragon alligned with this ability to perhaps augment their natural defenses with elementally extracted stone, fusing armoured plates and blunt protrusions to form a highly resistant armour.[1]


The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning

Spyro's main earth attack is a green, cone shaped blast of energy that kills enemies extremely quick. This attack is called Earth Shot. The secondary earth attack is a leafy bomb which explodes into a large green tornado. The tornado sucks up the enemies, twirls them around, then sends them high into the sky for multiple hits. This move can be used to keep the enemies nearly immobile if used repeatedly. When your enemies come down, they are as flat as pancakes. This attack is called the Earth Bomb. When the Earth Fury is unleashed, six tornadoes swirl around in circles before massive boulders fall from the sky and crush all enemies in sight.

The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night

Spyro's Earth element is much more effective than in the first game. Spyro's main earth attack is called an Earth Flail. It has a long glowing green chain that connects to a giant swirling bomb. When Spyro spins in place, it kills all enemies that dare come near. Spyro's secondary earth attack is called the Earth Pound. When Spyro uses
Spyro Earth breath

Spyro using his Earth Breath

this element, he flips into the air then comes down with a smack, sending out green waves of earth energy. You can also combine these two attacks by performing the Earth Pound move and just before he finishes press which ever button (varies from platform to platform) triggers the Earth Flail, causing Spyro to do two swift turns while using the Earth Flail. When the earth fury is released, the ground begins to ripple and a line of green appears through Spyro. Huge green earth waves are released continuously. There is no escape from the earth fury.

The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon

Spyro's main earth attack is a spiked boulder which protects Spyro from anything. When the ball is charged up, the ball spins rapidly before it hurls toward enemies. After Spyro jumps in his earth boulder and hits the ground, an earthquake pulse throws all enemies into the air. This attack is called Armored Boulder. Spyro's secondary earth attack is the Earth Missile. A rock-like missile shoots out from Spyro's mouth and cause devastating damage. After it is charged up, a green ball of energy forms on Spyro's mouth. When released, it explodes into four miniature earth missiles.



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