Dungeoness Creeps is the Heroic Challenge provided by Cynder and takes place in the undead dungeon. In order to clear the level, Skylanders must make their way through two gauntlets of enemies and defeat them all so that they drop thirteen Amber Medallions which must be collected in order to complete the challenge. The area is full of Chompies, Cyclops Chuckers, and Tech Spell Punks.

Upon completion, the Skylander gains a permanent +5 Bonus to Critical Hit.

Clearing the Challenge

At the start, the player finds one key and two locked gates, each with enemies behind them. It doesn't matter which door you enter first. Upon opening the door, players are met with lots of enemies and must defeat every single one. Upon obtaining six of the thirteen medallions, another key appears and the player must teleport back to the beginning.

Players now go through the other door and repeat the process of clearing out every single enemy. After obtaining their twelfth medallion, the final gateway opens to the teleporter leading to medallion number thirteen-but watch out! An assault of zombies are guarding the thirteenth medallion.

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