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Dreamcatcher is a former Skylander cadet in Skylanders Academy television series. An episode after her introduction, she became a member of the Doom Raiders.



According to Dreamcatcher, being good is boring, and so she delights herself in driving people insane with her dream powers.


No, you’re not dreaming – there actually is a teenage girl’s head hovering above your bed. So flip on your night-light and find the nearest Skylander, because this newly-minted Doom Raider will drive you insane with her dream manipulation powers. For Dreamcatcher, the only thing lamer than going to school with the “Sky-losers”, is being on a team of "old people". They’re not even cool enough to know any of the slang she uses! But she’s all whatevs about that shade.


In the dream realm, Dreamcatcher can manipulate the dreams of others. In the real world, however, she is much less powerful, though she can still use tornadoes to fight alongside the other Doom Raiders.



Dreamcatcher is an evil dream manipulator who finds joy in doing evil by terrorizing others through their dreams. Her parents sent her to Skylanders Academy at the hopes that Dreamcatcher would be reformed.

Season 1

In Dream Girls, during Stealth Elf's show of agility in class, Dreamcatcher was the only student who showed little interest in the course and fell asleep during the lesson (with her eyelids marked with fake eyes). She would later begin to use her dream powers to give the students and staff of Skylanders Academy sheep phobia. Stealth Elf, who had been skipping sleep in preparation for her "Skills, Elements and Defense" speech, tracked down Dreamcatcher in her dreams and confronted the mischevious villain to put a stop to her plan. With the powers of the dream realm at her disposal, Dreamcatcher's power increased, allowing her to easily subdue Stealth Elf. However, the elf Skylander used the abilities of the dream realm to her advantage, immobilizing Dreamcatcher and defeating her.

The captured Dreamcatcher was later used as part of Stealth Elf's speech, chained by her braces. When Dreamcatcher asked if she could go back to being a cadet and pretend her villainous actions never happened, Stealth Elf refused and stated that she was straight going to Cloudcracker Prison for her crime. Master Eon expelled Dreamcatcher and set to call her parents.


  • According to Stealth Elf in Dream Girls, Dreamcatcher is fourteen years old. As of Season 1, she is the only character with a confirmed age, in the show or in the main canon.
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