A DNN inverview.

The DNN (or Dragon News Network) is a news channel that appeared in the Dragon Realms in Spyro the Dragon. The DNN interviewed Sparx the Dragonfly on the past of his friend, Spyro.[1]


In Spyro the Dragon, the DNN inverviews a pair of dragons about the state of the Dragon Realms. One of them insults Gnasty Gnorc, prompting him to turn all of the dragons into crystal statues and initiating the events of the game. They reappear at the end of the game to interview Spyro about the final battle. They appear one final time for the 100% ending.

In Spyro: Year of the Dragon, Bentley parodies the DNN by interviewing Spyro about his defeat of the Sorceress.


  • The DNN is a parody of news stations such as CNN.
  • Despite how the DNN appears to be a television program, no televisions are ever shown in the Dragon Realms. Despite this, Gnasty somehow seems able to watch the DNN from Gnasty's World.
    • It is possible that Gnasty has some sort of transmition screen built into the wall in his prison.
    • Televisions were present later on in the Spyro-series.
  • One of the newscasters is a dragon named Bob.