"This guy thinks he's so cool! You don't know what it's been like listening to him over and over! But I'll tell you one thing: he should watch his back."

Doctor Shemp (ドクター・クール or Dr. Cool in Japanese) was a large Shaman in Spyro the Dragon who wore metal armor on his front. As Trondo stated upon his rescue, Doctor Shemp thought that he was in fact "cool," and wore sunglasses.


Doctor Shemp is a bright orange skined, witch doctor, with an oval like body shape. Doctor Shemp wears sunglasses, and he has metal shavings on top of his head(they resemble feathers in shape, and how he wears them). The front of his body is completely covered by metal body armor, while the back is left uncovered. He wears metal sandels on his feet, and he holds a wooden staff in his left hand(the staff looks like the ones held by the Kamikaze Tribesmen). At the top of his staff is a giant skull, and under the skull is a green flag.


When Gnasty Gnorc was looking for recruits to defeat Spyro, shortly after he turned all of the other Dragons into Crystal Statues, he hired Dr. Shemp to stop the young dragon in his tracks. Dr. Shemp waited to confront Spyro at his canyon fortress, where Fat Ladies, and their kamikaze minions protected the fortress. Spyro confronted Dr. Shemp, and defeated Dr. Shemp after flaming his backside. In general, Doctor Shemp was arrogant.


Doctor Shemp was the boss of the Peace Keepers Homeworld, and was found in the realm, Doctor Shemp. He was quite tall, had orange skin, wore metal chest armor, and a pair of sunglasses. He used a large staff with a skull on the top has his weapon. Throughout his confrontation with Spyro, Doctor Shemp was heard vocalizing.

Spyro's battle with Doctor Shemp took place on three platforms, and the boss attacked differently on each platform. At some point at each attack, he exposed his vulnerable backside. Spyro must flame at those points in order to damage him. After each hit, he hopped across the bridge to the next platform. On the third platform, he perished upon being burned.


Peace Keepers



  • Doctor Shemp's name is considered an in-joke at Insomniac games, the employees using the phrase "got the shemp" whenever a blunder is made.
  • Doctor Shemp's spin attack (performed on the third platform) was identical to the first boss of Crash Bandicoot, Papu Papu. Coincidentally, his backside was his weak spot, just like Papu Papu.
  • The sounds that Doctor Shemp made were later reused for Sleepyhead in Spyro: Year of the Dragon.
  • When not attacking, Dr. Shemp may do a finger gun or throat slit gesture, referencing how he thinks he's "cool."
  • In Spyro: Year of the Dragon, there was a skateboard move entitled "the Shemp." That could possibly be paying homage to the iconic boss.
  • It was possible that the origin of Doctor Shemp's name came from the phrase "Fake Shemp" (named for The Three Stooges actor Shemp Howard, who portrayed "Shemp") used in filming. This is where an actor appears in a film under heavy make-up, filmed from the back, or perhaps showing an arm or a foot. As only Doctor Shemp's back was exposed to attack, it was assumed that his name came from that.
  • The fact how Spyro has to hit his exposed backside is similar to Gnorc Sentries.

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