Dockworkers[1] are large unknown character that appear in Gnorc Cove. They constantly roll barrels (armored or TNT) down certain lanes on the docks that will flatten Spyro if he gets in the way. They do not attack Spyro up close. Usually, Dockworkers will stand at the end of these lanes next to small holes in the floor that eject the barrels they roll.

Standing on the top of the holes will cut off the supply of barrels and render the Dockworkers harmless as they wait for the next barrel to pop up; if Spyro jumps off, the barrels will reappear and the Dockworkers will return to work. Spyro can defeat them by flaming them directly, or using their own barrels against them (charging armored barrels towards them or flaming TNT barrels next to them).



  • Dockworkers are one of the few types of passive gnorcs. They do not show any form of direct hostility towards Spyro, as they are just doing their job of disposing barrels.
  • They closely resemble the Balloonists that transport you between worlds.


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