Demon Dogs, also known as Devil Dogs, are found in Dream Weavers in Dark Passage. They look like cute little puppies when standing in the light, but in the darkness, become massive scary red dogs and attempt to eat Spyro if he gets too close. They attack by chewing up Spyro and then spitting him back out. The smaller versions can still attack Spyro though by simply biting him. The small versions can be defeated by flame or charge while the larger version can only be defeated by flame. Their large versions behave similarly to the Killer Plants of Misty Bog.

Their speed at attacking is fast and highly startling, especially when multiple attack at once.



  • Many players consider the Demon Dogs to be some of the scariest enemies within the Spyro series.
  • Their death sound when small are different from their death sound when they're large.

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