"Keep your horns on, Spyro, you have much to learn first."

Delbin (デルジェ=グリノマール Deruje in Japanese) is a dragon who can be found in the Artisan World. After being freed by Spyro, Delbin, along with a few other dragons, attempted to face Gnasty Gnorc, but wound up getting trapped in crystal again. He was later rescued by Spyro again in Gnasty's World.



  • Delbin's voice when rescued in Gnorc Gnexus is different from his original voice upon rescue in Artisans (it resembles that of Nevin's).
    • On the early demo of the game Delbin had a different dialogue and voice from his final Artisan's dialogue and voice. His voice resembled the one in Gnasty's World in the final game. His dialogue was: "Get after some sheep first. Those little creatures release butterflies, which Sparx the Dragonfly eats. Sparx protects you."
      • In the late demo, his voice and dialogue in Artisans is in place, but in Gnorc Gnexus he doesn't exist at all inside his crystal prison.

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