Dark Crystals are the power source for the Golem, the Destroyer, and apparently the Golems of the Deep, appearing only in The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon. In a few levels, destroying these crystals is a mandatory action. In the Floating Islands, on two occasions, the player must destroy dark crystals that are growing on torches. Unlike any other type of crystal, dark crystals have the ability to steal breath power from the player when they come close enough to them.

Hunter told Spyro and Cynder in the Catacombs that these crystals radiated with dark magic and weren't natural, and suggested that they should destroy the crystal from the Golem's dislodged arm quickly. When standing right beside them, strange eerie noises and what seems to be voices can be heard eminating from the crystals. This could be a product of the dark magic or possibly evil spirits.

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