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Template:Quote Cy is an Imaginator from the Skylanders Academy television series. Created from a Creation Crystal in King Pen's posession, he is used to assist Skylander teams in need of teamwork training.



Being created from nothing into a full grown creature, Cy is clueless to the world around him or even his own abilities at first, but is a quick learner and even quicker to formulate plans at a whim.


  • Cy is voiced by British YouTube star Daniel Middleton, more commonly known by his channel name, TheDiamondMinecart or DanTDM.[1]
  • Unlike the Imaginators from the games, Cy is not limited to a single Battle Class nor ability, though like them he can learn the abilities of his masters.
  • Cy's parts are as follows:
    • The Bananana head with Human eyes;
    • The Spyro Horns ears;
    • The Tiki Chest;
    • An altered version of the Robot Bouncer arms;
    • Currently unavailable legs resembling a combination of the Skelelegs and Wolfgang Legs;
    • An altered version of the Dragon Wings.
  • Though he can't be replicated accurately in game, it is possible to use parts close to his actual appearance and the Quickshot class to play as him. Dan Middleton was given a custom Imaginator figure by Activision with the corresponding parts.
    • Oddly, the figure was from the Earth element, despite Cy's Crystal in the show perfectly matching one of the released Undead Crystals, sans the elemental symbol.
    • When Dan first placed Cy on the portal, his game name is actually 'C Four', but this is not given a known reason.[2]


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