Cupids[1] are enemies found in Dark Passage and Lofty Castle, both of which are realms in the Dream Weavers homeworld. These nasty, winged little fiends will try to shoot their arrows at Spyro.

They are clearly based on a Cupid, the God of beauty and love, whose arrows make the victim fall in love. However the arrows of these enemies are only meant to spread hate and injury. They also greatly resemble devils instead of angels, since they have horns instead of halos and a red complexion rather than a milky white one. They still have their shock of blonde hair though. When you flame them and they die, they make a strange grunting sound.



  • If there is an enemy between you and the Cupid, the Cupid's arrow will go through that enemy, killing it.
  • Their death sound was later recycled and used for the Gators in Spooky Swamp in Spyro: Year of the Dragon, but it's only heard when the rhynocs attack the gators, the gators bite each other on the tail. Or when Sleepyhead uses magic to make them appear.


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