Crystals are small collectibles in Spyro: Shadow Legacy. They can be found all around the Dragon Realms, Avalar, the Forgotten Realms and other realms and locations. They could also be bought at Maxwell Moneybags' Miniporium. Each crystal provides Spyro with temporary status boosts and abilities. They existed in four variants: "Dingy", "Shimmering", "Luminescent" and "Pure".

List of Crystals

  • Purple: Crystal of Elusiveness - Reduces Melee damage taken
  • Orange: Crystal of Intelligence - Increases max MP
  • Red: Crystal of Ferocity - Additional Melee damage
  • Dark purple: Crystal of Shadow - Increases damage VS Shadow enemy
  • Blue: Crystal of Strength - Increases max HP
  • Green: Crystal of Luck - Less damage from long falls
  • Pink: Crystal of Fortuity - Chance to find more gems
  • Yellow: Crystal of Dragonskin - Protect against Melee attacks
  • Turquoise: Crystal of Duckfeathers - Less damage from water

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