The Crystal Dragon Health Glitch is a glitch that only occurs in the original Spyro the Dragon.


The Crystal Dragon Health Glitch is caused when Spyro is killed whilst rescuing a dragon in Spyro 1, when this happens, the game will register you dying, but will also play the cutscene of the dragon, after which will end leaving you in a mode which the game deems dead, meaning that any physical properties that Spyro had (drowning, ability to feed Sparx, dying etc.) will be unprocessed by the game.

This can be related to the Dead Mode Glitch that can be found in Spyro 2 and Spyro 3.

Pros and Cons


  • No enemies will be able to damage your health with their attacks.
  • You will be able to fly over water without drowning.


  • You cannot pause the game via Start or Select.
  • You cannot eat butterflies spawned from fodder, though invincibility makes the use of the butterflies obsolete anyhow.
  • Though you can use the Return Home portal, you will not be able to enter any portals (Dark Hollow, Town Square, etc.). However, you can still talk to the Balloonist. Before you perform the glitch, pull up the inventory screen and input the following cheat: Square, Square, Circle, Left, Right, Circle, Up, Right, Down. This will allow you to travel to any homeworld.
  • If you crash while gliding over water, you will get stuck and repeat the crashing motion in that area
  • If you glide so far out in the water and you reach the end of the area, you will fall forever.


Level Dragon

Stone Hill


Town Square

1. Alvar

2. Thor

Peace Keepers

Dry Canyon Ivor

Cliff Town


Ice Cavern


Alpine Ridge


Wizard Peak


Terrace Village


Misty Bog




Dream Weavers


Dark Passage

Jacques Revilo


Spyro Invincibility Glitch03:20

Spyro Invincibility Glitch

The invincibility glitch.

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