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This article is about the bandicoot who appeared in the Skylanders spinoff TV series. You may be looking for the character who appears in the Crash Bandicoot game series.

Crash Bandicoot is a character from another world who appears in the spin-off television series, Skylanders Academy television series.



Crash Bandicoot calls himself a lone wolf, preferring to handle heroics on his own. He also appears to be a bit of a showoff despite his otherwise humble behavior, declaring his actions as "extreme" before doing them.


Since Dr. Neo Cortex mutated him, Crash was given enhanced abilities, including enhanced stamina and strength. His signature move is his spin attack.


In The Skylands Are Falling!, Crash Bandicoot was accidentally transported to Skylands by the evil imbalance generated by Spyro's overuse of the Evil-Scope.

In the following episode, Master Eon attempted to send Crash home with his light magic alone, but the rift he created wound up putting Crash in a continuous loop that sent him back to Skylands. Eon then enlisted Team Spyro to find a dark relic for him to combine light and dark and create a portal to Crash's world, and Crash gladly accompanied the Skylanders to help them find the item needed to get him home. At the Falling Forest, Crash displayed his heroic skills by saving an arguing Mabu couple from a group of Greebles while the Skylanders' powers ceased to work, during the adventure while Crash kept the skylanders safe from danger, Spyro began to admire the bandicoot causing the young dragon to try to imitate his movements like the spinning attack in which he failed and also to dress like him.

While they traveled and faced the forest's dangers, Crash kept on saving them from hazards, and at many points Spyro got himself in even more trouble while trying to act exactly like him. It eventually reached a breaking point when they discovered a makeshift camp belonging to Chompy Mage, and while trying to ambush him, the dragon trapped himself and was kidnapped. Though Stealth Elf threw his frustrations at Crash for encouraging her friend's attitude and possibly trapping the bandicoot in Skylands forever, Pop Fizz took a more positive approach and tried to invite him into the team, but Crash politely declined the offer, since in his world they needed him more than his skylanders friends, so Crash used his sense of smell to locate the villain and the young dragon as well.

The group followed Chompy Mage's trail of camps back into his cottage, where they found him about to be destroyed by an empowered Kaos. Crash was quick to get between them and throw the younger sorcerer away from him with a spin attack, but Kaos created a forcefield to stop him and the Skylanders from approaching Spyro. Though their attacks were ineffective against his stronger magic, Chompy Mage eventually moved his focus, trying to steal the Book of Dark Magic he was levitaitng nearby; with an opening, Crash took the book for himself, and landed a spin attack on Kaos to put him out of the fight. Though both villains were incapacitated, Chompy Mage used a smoke bomb and both escaped, and the group returned to Skylanders Academy with their newfound dark relic.

Back at the Library, Eon explained that the Book of Dark Magic was one of the darkest relics in Skylands, thought to be lost after the Great War, and more than enough for the necessary spell. At the cost of his strength, the wizard lifted the curse that prevented the book's usage, and opened a powerful interdimensional rift for Crash. Though the Skylanders were hesitant to let their new ally go, Crash complimented their teamwork and friendship and assured them they would do well without him, and with a hug from Spyro, the bandicoot left the dimension before the rift closed.

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  • Unlike his canonical counterpart, Crash has the ability to speak fluently.
    • His voice is similar to that of an advertisement for Cortex Strikes Back, in which he was also portrayed with a full speaking voice.
    • This isn't the first animated feature to have Crash talking. The cartoon MAD from Cartoon Network had Crash talking fluently in the Franklin & Crash skit.
  • This version of Crash, unlike the game version of him, is taking place during the events of Crash Bandicoot original game (although he speaks fluently), as Crash brings up his goal to save Tawna and stop Neo Cortex and his plans to create an army of mutated animals. He also worried about his friends (in this case, Coco Bandicoot, Crunch Bandicoot, and Aku Aku).
    • Unlike the game version of Crash, this version simply refers to Tawna as a friend, instead of a girlfriend.
  • His voice actor is the series' showrunner, Eric Rogers. Despite only creating a scratch track for the character during the recording process, his creative partners were impressed by his performance and attempt at an Australian accent, and convinced him to do the role.


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