The Cowleks are animals that are found in Zephyr in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!, where Bo Peep, (a Land Blubber) has lost all of her own Cowleks. They appear to be some sort of elephant-like creature with spots on their body like a cow's. They are docile creatures that will casually walk away from Spyro when approached. They can be flamed or charged to get them moving, and to take them off ground to get them up ledges. The Superflame can also affect them, and push them extremely high up. Once they have been placed back in their pen, they will wander around and pay no further attention to Spyro.

Attacks effects on them

  • Charging: Sends them a long distance horizontally
  • Flaming: pushes them upwards a bit and makes them go a little faster in the direction of the flame
  • Superflaming: They fly up in the air and makes them go a little faster in the direction of the flame.


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