“Welcome to Magic Crafters! I want you to release the dragons, reclaim our treasure and recover the eggs from those pesky blue thieves.”

Cosmos (コスモス=マジノマール Kosumosu in Japanese) is the leader of the Magic Crafters in Spyro the Dragon.

After he was freed from his crystal prison by Spyro, Cosmos was imprisoned once again by Gnasty Gnorc when attempting to confront the villain along with a few other dragons, only to be rescued again. At some point, he was also in charge of the dragon eggs, and enlisted Spyro's help to retrieve them from the gang of thieves that took them.



  • In Twilight Harbour, Cosmos has a different voice, and his wings look bigger.
  • In the late demo, Cosmos's speech in Magic Crafters doesn't roll on R's and his dialogue is different: "Welcome to Magic Crafters, Spyro. Help us and recover our eggs from those pesky blue thieves." Spyro responds with, "No problem." In Twilight Harbour, he doesn't exist at all inside his crystal prison.