Colossus Hockey was a challenge in the level Colossus located in Colossus Valley, hosted by the Colosi Brother Kipp. He challenged Spyro to a game against the goalkeeper, and told him to score 5 goals. Kipp awarded Spyro with an Orb for doing this. Afterwards, he challenged Spyro to a game of one-on-one against their Hockey Player dressed in red. For this set, Spyro was given his own goalkeeper. Spyro was awarded with an Orb for scoring 5 goals.

A hockey match was apparently gonna take place in Colossus Valley, which the Ice Builders had tickets to go to, however their leader Chief Shaman Tuk, who held the tickets, was imprisoned by the Ice Wizards. Spyro was tasked by an Icebuilder, to rescue the Shaman from his prison, allowing them to attend the match. However, Tuk had traded the tickets for a crystal that he offered Spyro for helping him out.

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