"Ok Spyro, looks like we've got us a bit of a situation here. The Breezebuilders have got us pinned down and we've been waiting for a volunteer to blow up thier munitions building. Looks like you're it."
—Colonel Blub

Colonel Blub is a Land Blubber who appeared in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!. He is the Colonel of the LandBlubber in Zephyr. Colonel Blub and his LandBlubber troops fight against the Breezebuilders. Their mission is to blow up the Breezebuilders' ammunition depot and he assign to Corporal Glug to blow it up. But they are pinned down. He meets Spyro who arrives and volunteers him to help defeat the Breezebuilders and destroy their ammunition depot. He orders Corporal Glug to give Spyro the Talisman as soon he meets him there.

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