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The Chompy Mage is a villain who is a member of the Doom Raiders in Skylanders Academy television series.



Like those creepy ventriloquists at kids’ birthday parties — except, you know, more psychotic — Chompy Mage is a deranged wizard obsessed with one thing and one thing only: chompies, tiny, annoying green creatures that bark like dogs, and try to eat anything that comes near them. Chompy Mage loves these little horrors so much that he dresses like one, and even wears a chompy puppet on his hand that he talks to and considers his best friend. Pathetic, right? Yep, this guy takes fandom to a whole other level.


Season 1

The Chompy Mage first appeared in the series in the episode The Hole Truth, as an inmate of Cloudcracker Prison alongside his fellow Doom Raiders, Golden Queen, Wolfgang, Chef Pepper Jack, Broccoli Guy, and later Dreamcatcher (who first joins the Raiders in the episode). The Golden Queen manipulated Spyro, Eruptor, and Stealth Elf into sending her and her gang to the solitary confinement area of the prison called "The Hole" so they could combine their powers to create a wormhole and escape. Upon realizing their mistake, the Skylanders sent themselves to The Hole to stop their escape, but were outnumbered and failed to stop the Doom Raiders in time.


Chompy Mage/Gallery


  • Unlike his game counterpart, the Chompy Mage has an English accent.


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