Catbats are an enemy from Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! in Skelos Badlands. As their name suggests, they are a cross between a cat and a bat, as it makes cat-like noises when attacked. They spit fireballs as a defense. There is a section where several Catbats are waiting for Spyro and if he manages to defeat them all, it counts as a Skill point.

In the intro cutscene of Skelos Badlands, a caveman was finishing his shack, and was then torched by a Fire Wizard in the realm. The caveman runs off the cliff unknowingly and happens to be suspended by a Catbat, who lets go of the caveman to his doom. The Catbat then makes a strange, evil chuckle.


  • If Spyro flames a Catbat, it will yell a cat-like shriek and its body will turn black from being singed before disappearing into a Spirit Particle.