Carrot-Topped Monks, also known as Male Fools, are enemies that that appear in the Dream Weavers Homeworld from Spyro the Dragon.


From their short regular form, they wear a monk's cloak and a pair of brown shoes. Like other Fool-related enemies, they have red hair as well as a pair of fairy wings. Sporting with wings, they can be seen hovering few inches off from the ground. Their lower jaw sports a single tooth from the left side, and their right eye look half-shut.

From their larger form, they appear taller with their right arm longer than the left.


There is a cannon in this realm that shoots magical beams, which change the size of these creatures—they alternate between small and large. Spyro can defeat the fools by charging and flaming while they are small, and only by flaming when they are large.

In their small form, the Carrot-Topped Monk will kick when approached but slap while in their larger form.


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