Cannon Patrols[1] are enemies that can be found in Peace Keepers Homeworld. The only way they can attack is by using the cannons dispersed around the homeworld, which they will run to after seeing Spyro. Spyro can defeat them with his flame breath or charge. They like to chat with other enemies and play some kind of cannonball tossing game.

Cannon Patrol have been known to kill their fellow foot soldiers in friendly fire aimed towards Spyro when he is in close proximity to another gnorc. They are closely related to Foot Soldiers, and are distinguished by their blue hats.


The quickest way to defeat these gnorcs is by charging into them before they can make it to their cannon. If one does make it behind his cannon, just run around it in circles as they turn slowly and flame or charge him to take control of his cannon.


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