Butterflies are critters in the Spyro series, notably as Sparx's food source in the original series.

Original Spyro series

Butterflies will appear if fodder is flamed or charged. When Sparx eats it, Spyro regains one health increment (Sparx will turn from green to blue or from blue to gold. (a few games also have a red color, which is a stage lower than green) If Sparx has vanished, he will return in place of the butterfly. Sparx will ignore it if his health is maximum. In both Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage and Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon, every 10 fodder that Spyro flames or charges will release a shiny blue extra life butterfly, which will completely restore Spyro's health and give him an extra life. These butterflies can also be found inside butterfly jars and are rewarded for earning Skill Points.

The Legend of Spyro series

The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night

When Spyro and Sparx got lost in the Ancient Grove, Sparx began eating butterflies, finding them perfectly edible, but then learned they give him indigestion.

Skylanders series

Wild butterflies appear in Skylanders as one of the many creatures who reside in the realm. When an enemy is hit by one of the fireballs blasted by Sparx the Dragonfly, they will turn into a butterfly upon their defeat, allowing the Sparx (or the Skylander depending on the console version) to eat them and regain their health.



  • Sparx eating butterflies in The Eternal Night references the Classic Sparx eating butterflies to regain Spyro's health.

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