The Breezebuilder Parrots are Breezebuilders who appear as enemies in Zephyr, a realm in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!. These Breezebuilders throw TNT barrels at Spyro, and will continuously keep throwing them at him, until Spyro defeats them with a flame attack.

In the beginning cutscene in Zephyr, a Breeze Builder Parrot sneaks up behind a Land Blubber ally and throws a bomb down his throat. The bomb explodes inside the Land Blubber's stomach and he coughs out the smoke. In the ending cutscene, a Land Blubber places some bird seed on the ground, which attracts a Breezbuilder Parrot from the sky. As the parrot lands and begins enjoying the seeds, he gets blasted in the face with a cannon.


  • The Breezebuilder Parrots act as the spiritual successors of the TNT Wranglers from Spyro the Dragon.

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