Breezebuilder Chicks are enemies that are encountered in the realm Zephyr, and appeared in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage! They can be defeated by Spyro's fire or charge. If Spyro gets too close when they aren't holding ammunition, they will slap Spyro with their wing. In the bomb areas, they wait for bombs to be dropped inside their beaks. The bombs are supplied by Breezebuilder Falcons that fly above their heads. If Spyro is in range, they will spit their bombs at him.


  • Note that these are one of the few enemies that have a unique death for Spyro. If Sparx has disappeared and Spyro is attacked by the chick, then he will spin around, stand up on one leg stiffly, then fall face first onto the ground before the screen fades to black.