“Still after my flags, eh dragon?”

Bombo who calls himself the "Flagkeeper" is a genie who appeared in Scorch, a realm in Autumn Plains that only appeared in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!. He wears a white turban and rides on a magic carpet. He is also capable of creating and throwing magic bombs. Handel gives Spyro the task of retrieving flags from the genie, giving Spyro an orb as a reward. He does not appear in the level until Spyro has defeated 20 enemies and has talked to Handel. After Spyro does so, he will have to use superflame to shoot Bombo off of each flagpole. He then challenges Spyro to avoid his bombs while trying to get the flag from him. He does this for a total of three rounds, and after Handel gives Spyro the orb, he will not be seen again.


  • The character is most likely named after a bomb, which is a weapon he uses.
  • His bombs appear to have Skill Point butterflies trapped inside them.
  • When Bombo speaks, his mouth does not move.