Bee Trees are enemies that are native to Fracture Hills, a realm in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!. Bee Trees will shake the hive on their branch and the bees will fly at Spyro and attack him. To defeat them, simply flame the trees. They may be related to Killer Bushes. Spyro can tell the difference between a Bee Tree and a normal tree by looking if the tree has a hive in it. If the bees hits Spyro, the tree strokes the hive like a dog or it uses some magic to get their energy. From a distance, it will look like an ordinary tree except with a hive. When Spyro gets closer, its eyebrows and eyes will appear. As he approaches more, it will use its bees against Spyro. There are a total of six bee trees in Fracture Hills.


There are two strategies into defeating the Bee Tree without getting hurt by the bees. One is to approach it as quickly as possible and flame it. Another more patient strategy is to wait for the bees to return to their hives and then flame the Bee Tree. Fortunately, the bees do not have a very long range so it is safe to wait at a good distance but not too close.