“Spyro, you're not afraid of those big noisy gigantic awful Beasts, are you?”

Beasts are enemies that are found in Alpine Ridge and appear only in Spyro the Dragon, and Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

Through the Alpine Ridge, one of the first Beast is seen eating fruits one by one from Armored Druid. If one of the Beasts stays steady, the Beast will instead pounces on Spyro when he's nearby to them. And if the Beast is able to wander, they will instead attempt to swipe with its paw on Spyro. One of the Beasts are also found sleeping, they will woke when Spyro is near to them. There's also few Beasts that is rode by Armored Druid, the Armored Druid will be thrown off when the Beast is defeated by Spyro. The Beast will roar when they're out of range. They can be defeated by Spyro's flame.

It is revealed that Spyro isn't afraid of the Beasts when he was asked by Zane, who Spyro freed on Alpine Ridge.


Beasts are quadrupedal, large, yellowish-orange, and monstrous creatures that resembles to bears, boars, and most likely, hodags. They appear to possess the grey mandible-shaped tusks between their eyes and mouth. They have red sharp eyes, and a wide mouth with sharp upper teeth, ironically, they don't have lower teeth. They have bunch of tiny spikes on their chin, brownish-green spines on their back and head, and tiny greyish horns on their head. They have green coloration on their feet, and have a tufted tail. They also have an orange saddle that resembles an animal's pelt.

In Spyro Reignited Trilogy, their fur is thicker and more lighter than original design, and they have slit-shaped eyes. They have gained two nostrils on their muzzle. Their tusks are more softer and curved with the addition of brown straps around their tusks, and their jaws are more bigger at the point their lower teeth are sticking out. They have gained 3 toe claws on their feet. They have no greenish-brown small spines on their back and tiny spikes on their chin unlike in original game. Their tiny horns are placed on the back instead of their head. Their saddles are brown instead of orange with patterns, and its slightly detailed.