Banana Boys[1] are monkey like enemies appeared in Tree Tops of Spyro the Dragon. They are closely related to the Armored Banana Boys located in Metalhead. They throw bunches of bananas at Spyro. When defeated, they make a small meek sound, while the Metalhead versions make a noise similar to the Gunners.

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  • Like their Metalhead relatives, they throw entire bunches of bananas at Spyro.
  • In the original 1998 game, the Banana Boys resembled Tribesmen, however in a modern world of 2018 (in which such could potentially be seen as offensive), they were redesigned to closely resemble monkeys in Spyro Reignited Trilogy. It is not known whether this was the original vision for the characters or not. Although that could be a likely case as their grunts could be similar to a monkey's.


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