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Attack Frogs


Species: Frogs
Role: Enemy
Homeworld: Misty Bog
Appearances: Spyro the Dragon
Attacks/Actions: Tongue lash
"Be on the lookout for Attack Frogs. They're cold-blooded killers!"

Attack Frogs are enemies that can only be found in Misty Bog in Beast Makers. They are blue colored and look quite innocent from afar, but beware: when Spyro gets too close, they will lash out at him with their tongue. They can be defeated with charging or flaming, but flaming is the best way to kill them if you don't want to take damage; they react very quickly to a charge, as most of the time they will attack you before you can charge them. Like the Gnorc Dudes if they are pushed into the bog, they will create a splash.


Attack frogs have a very long ranged attack so try not to walk to closely. When charging an attack frog, be careful not to miss as it will turn and hit you. Also, when charging, try not to charge into range of another frog after charging through another.


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