“The Artisans boss is through a portal in the dragon mouth.”

Argus (アルジェ=グリノマール Aruje in Japanese) is a dragon who is found in the Artisan World in Spyro the Dragon. He tells Spyro that he must complete one of the Artisan levels before he can enter the portal leading to Toasty, or if the objective had already been met before he was freed, tells Spyro that he can challenge the boss when ready.



  • Argus is one of the only dragons in the game and series to have changing dialogue upon being released.
  • In the early demos Argus doesn't exist at all.
  • In the late demo Argus's voice and his dialogues are a little different: The Artisan's boss is through the portal behind me, but you are not yet ready, Spyro. Conquer one of the Artisan's lands first. and The Artisan's boss is through the portal behind me. You can challenge him now if you feel you are ready.
  • Argus looks exactly like Devlin, except his stomach-pattern.