"Hmpf, Spyro, did you see a man dressed in blue running around here? HE'S A THIEF! And he's stolen a dragon egg! You've got to track him down and - and get that egg! RUN! RUN! *weaves*... I'm feeling a little winded."

Alvar (バルジェ=グリフーチョ or Baruje in Japanese) is a dragon from Artisans who was trapped in Town Square. He tells Spyro to rescue the dragon egg stolen by the thief, and has a panic attack while explaining it to him.


  • Alvar's name sounds similar to the name, Avalar.
  • In the late demo Alvar is trapped next to the vortex instead of further away like the final.
    • In this, he's just text and his dialogue is different: Did you see a man dressed in blue running around... He's a thief! And he's stolen a dragon egg! Catch him Spyro!

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